Can you Ascend Into Thin Air?

9 Hikes - 21 Miles - 20,310 Vertical Ft - 30 Hrs

Aug 23rd - 26th

Snowbasin Resort, Salt Lake City UT

23022 - A Challenge for the Soul
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20310 is the ultimate wellness retreat and endurance challenge. Our goal is to create the best endurance weekend on the planet. The premise is simple – hike up a private mountain. Take the gondola down. Repeat until you ascend 20310 feet. The height of Denali – The highest point in North America.

Ascend with us.

Are you ready for a life changing weekend?

We present you with a curated basecamp community of like-minded individuals. Followed by a chance to learn from the best on nutrition, hydration, mindset, and recovery. Primed to perform your best, you will have two days to hike 20310 vertical feet. This is not a race, it is you versus you.

A new challenge that can transform us all

20310 is about putting yourself in the arena and testing our physical and mental limits.
Everyone has done a marathon. Few have time for an Ironman.
We can all walk up a big hill. The question is how many times can you do it?

You will be tested. You will face doubt. You will be unsettled.
AND You will overcome.
You will ASCEND 20310.

23022 - A Challenge for the Soul

“These events are absolutely the most soul stirring challenges I have ever been a part of”

-Marc Skalla

0 Hikes
2.3 Miles Per Hike
0 Miles
Total Event Distance
0 FT
Elevation Gain - 2,310 per hike
0 Hours
Time Limit
Make them count

We believe people can be transformed through extreme physical experiences

What's Included


20310 is an end-to-end experience that is organized to the last detail.
We rent a private mountain and challenge you to climb it 9 times in under 30 hours

We build a basecamp village with luxury tipi tents, bands, bonfires and community


We provide all food and beverage, hydration and nutrition for the weekend

We host an epic post challenge party celebrating your accomplishments

What's Included


Invest a weekend in yourself

Experience a personal transformation

Feel a part of a community, build real camaraderie

Earn a different kind of story to tell – a memorable, life-defining experience to add to your life resume

Discover a feeling of accomplishment and self understanding that lasts.

The Seven Summits Series

We produce endurance hiking events inspired by one of the planet's greatest feats, The Seven Summits. The peaks in our exclusive series present a new challenge in climate, altitude, mileage and vertical feet gained. A challenge and series unlike any other.

Coming Soon

Learn about our sister program 29029
The event that started it all. Every October "Everesting" occurs in Vermont during peak fall foliage season.

About the Founder

Jesse Itzler

Jesse Itzler is a serial entrepreneur, endurance athlete, best selling author, motivational speaker and father to 4 amazing kids. He’s run a 100 mile ultra, founded and sold Marquis Jet, sold Zico Coconut Water to Coca Cola, bought an ownership interest in the Hawks, wrote a NY Time bestselling book “Living with a Seal” and created the NBA’s emmy award winning theme “I Love This Game” campaign.

20310 promises to be a challenge unlike any you have faced. Jesse added 29029 to his life resume in 2017 and will be adding 20310 to his as well in 2018. Will you?

Let’s climb the goddamn mountain.